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Fire Suppression Solutions


Firetrace Aerospace (FA) is a leading manufacturer of passive automatic fire suppression systems for military aircraft and rotorcraft applications. FA’s passive systems have captured the eye of end users for their simplistic design, ease of integration, and equally impressive performance.

Because of the passive nature of FA’s fire suppression systems, FA can eliminate many of the complexities of active systems which lead to cost, weight, and space claim reductions.

FA’s passive systems have passed environmental qualification testing in aircraft environments per MIL-STD-810, passed ballistic testing at China Lake and Aberdeen Proving Grounds, are currently being integrated onto military aerospace platforms, and are being considered for a variety of other fixed wing and rotorcraft applications.

FA’s passive system approach to aircraft fire suppression is unmatched in the industry. FA continues to improve its product offerings through internal R&D while supporting initiatives through various outside research and development communities within the aviation industry.

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