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Fuel Tank


The FIRE Panel is the preferred method of fuel tank protection against large ballistic threats such as land mines, IEDs, RPGs, and EFPs. Fire Panel provides fire protection for vehicles and crew by preventing fires and secondary explosions caused by ballistic events that compromise a vehicle’s fuel tank.

The Fire Panel can be designed to fit and conform to any vehicle’s fuel tank during the design phase or as an aftermarket solution for easy install on the production line or in theater. Mounting can be achieved through fuel tank integration of mechanical fasteners, mounting brackets, and/or strapping.

Fire Panel has successfully passed testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, has been ballistically tested over 50 times by the US Army and the USMC, has been successful in real world scenarios, and meets current LTAS requirements for fuel tank fire protection systems.

Thousands of Fire Panel fuel tank fire suppression systems are currently being used by the US Army and the USMC. Most notably:

  • BAE Systems Caiman
  • Oshkosh MTVR
  • Oshkosh HET

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