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An external fire, if not quickly addressed, can be nearly impossible to extinguish.

In many cases when an external fire starts it is not safe for the crew to exit the vehicle and immediately attend to the fire using traditional hand held extinguishers.

FA’s automatic Indirect fire suppression systems are the ideal solution – non-electric, durable and failsafe providing fast and reliable detection and suppression within seconds. Typical systems utilize FA’s advanced fire fighting powder known as Black Widow which is more efficient than any other fire fighting powder on the market. This means FA’s systems can be designed to be lighter, smaller, and more cost effective.

Firetrace Aerospace’s tire fire suppression systems can be activated automatically or manually. Systems can also be designed to provide “zones” of protection, independently protecting individual tires, or sets of tires.

More than 13,000 vehicles are equipped with FA’s tire fire suppression systems. Most notably:

  • Navistar Maxx Pro
  • Navistar Maxx Pro Dash
  • Oshkosh M-ATV

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