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Extinguishing Agents


FA typically uses its patented Black Widow Dry Chemical Extinguishing Agent in most of its external vehicle applications. It is the most effective dry chemical extinguishing agent on the market which provides a number of advantageous to include space claim, weight, and performance when compared to other fire suppression systems. Black Widow is pound for pound more effective than gas agents and operate at much lower pressure which allows FA to use lighter cylinders that can still meet the 0.50 Caliber Non-Shat specification.

In addition, all FA systems are compatible with any commercially available extinguishing agent allowing FA to provide the right agent for any application.

  • FM-200
  • FE-13
  • FE-25
  • FE-36
  • Novec- 1230
  • Dry Chemical
  • Foam
  • CO2

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